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Hausmann's Facility Design

An Exclusive Suite of Products to Help Patients Get Back on Their Feet

Following traumatic and neurological injuries, a patient’s loss of mobility can cause conditions such as, bone density loss and muscle atrophy, requiring rehabilitation with a variety of equipment for exercises to get the patient back on their feet.

At Hausmann, we are proud to offer a suite of products including tilt tables, stand-in tables, parallel bars and training stairs. Products that will support your patients through the rehabilitation care pathway and during their return to mobility

Athletic Training Room Furniture

Upgrade your training room to best-in-class! Our PROTEAM™ furniture provides the versatility every trainer wants, and every facility needs. Choose from our standard product configurations of athletic tables and taping stations or build your own.

Looking to Customize?

Customize your next Pro-Option Table and Taping Stations with our new 3D Builder. The 3D Builder allows for step-by-step design to get the exact product you are looking for in just a few clicks.

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