Pro-Line™ Professional Cabinets

SKU: B-16-FD, B-18-R, B-18-L, B-18-1D-R, B-18-1D-L, B-18-2D-R, B-18-2D-L, B-18-5D, B-24, B-24-1D, B-24-2D, B-24-5D, B-401, B-402, B-403, B-404, BCC-30, BE-16-FD, BE-18-R, BE-18-L, BE-18-1D-R, BE-18-1D-L, BE-18-2D-R, BE-18-2D-L, BE-18-5D, BE-24, BE-24-1D, BE-24-2D, BE-24-5D, B-EP, BECC-36, B-F, BES-18-R, BES-18-L, BS-18-R, BS-18-L, BS-24, D-18, D-24, DE-18, DE-24, D-EP, GLR-A1, GLR-B4, GTP-TOP, GTPE-TOP, LOCK, LOCK-BOLT, PL-TD, S, SCS-24, SCS-30, SCS-36, SCW-24, SCW-30, SCW-36, S-LRG, W-18-24-R, W-18-24-L, W-18-30-R, W-18-30-L, W-24-24, W-24-30, WCC-24-24, WCC-24-30, WF-24, WF-30 Categories ,




  • A versatile line of modular all-laminate, dowel and
    glue cabinetry.
  • Neutral color all-laminate interiors.
  • All cupboards (except sink) have (1) adjustable
    laminate shelf.
  • 4” Satin finish wire pulls.
  • Self-closing laminate drawer slides with nylon rollers and
    positive stops.
  • Doors have concealed, self-closing 110° 3-way adjustable
  • All medical cabinets are “No Cancel/No Return.”
  • Cabinet Colors (laminate on all exposed surfaces including sides):
    • Folkstone Gray
    • Natural Oak
    • Maple
    • Wild Cherry
    • We also offer the following cabinet colors at a slightly higher price: Slate gray, Weathered gray
  • Countertop Colors (square-edged top or high pressure laminates with matching PVC edging):
    • Folkstone gray
    • Oak
    • Cherry
    • Maple
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Almond
    • Burgundy
    • Green
  • See color chart in “Colors” tab.


Base Cabinets – 36″H Choose 18″D or 24″D. Price includes countertop.

Base Cabinet

18″W x 36″H
18″D: B-18 (L or R)
24″D: BE-18 (L or R)

Base Cabinet

24″W x 36″H
18″D: B-24
24″D: BE-24

Base Cabinet

18″W x 36″H, includes sink
18″D: BS-18 (L or R)
24″D: BES-18 (L or R)

Base Cabinet

24″W x 36″H
includes sink
18″D: B-24

Base Cabinet

18″W x 36″H
18″D: B-18-1D (L or R)
24″D: BE-18-1D (L or R)

Base Cabinet

24″W x 36″H
18″D: B-24-1D
24″D: BE-24-1D

Base Cabinet

18″W x 36″H
18″D: B-18-2D (L or R)
24″D: BE-18-2D (L or R)

Base Cabinet

24″W x 36″H
18″D: B-24-2D
24″D: BE-24-2D

Base Cabinet

18″W x 36″H
18″D: B-18-5D
24″D: BE-18-5D

Base Cabinet

18″W x 36″H, includes sink
18″D: B-24-5D
24″D: BE-24-5D

Base Cabinet

30″x30″W x 36″H x 18″: BCC-30
36″x36″W x 36″H x 24″D: BECC-30

Base Cabinet

16″W x 36″H
18″D: B-16-FD
24″D: BE-16-FD

Typical Cabinet Groupings (available as shown or opposite hand)

Cabinet Grouping

Group B-402

Cabinet Grouping

Group B-403

Cabinet Grouping

Group B-404

Wall Cabinets – 12″D: Choose 24″H or 30″H.

Wall Cabinet

18″W x 12″D
24″H: W-18-24 (L or R)
30″H: W-18-30 (L or R)

Wall Cabinet

18″W x 12″D
24″H: W-24-24
30″H: W-24-30

Wall Cabinet

24″x24″W x 12″D
24″H: WCC-24-24
30″H: WCC-24-30

If single door cabinet, you must specify door hinge “R” (right shown) or “L” (left). Send sketch and dimensions with order.




Large Sink

Large Sink (no faucet)

Towel Drop

Towel Drop



Towel Drop

Double Door

Plexiglass Doors

PGD-24 (24″H), PGD-30 (30″H)
Plexiglass Doors for wall cabinets

Desk Drawer

Desk Drawer, 18″W x 6″H

Desk Drawer

Desk Drawer, 24″W x 6″H


Countertop, cut to size

Desk End Panel

Desk End Panel
¾”W x 29″H, Specify depth

Cabinet End Panel

Cabinet End Panel
Specify depth

Wall Filler

Wall Filler
WF-24, WF-30
Cut to size

Base Cabinet Filler

Base Cabinet Filler
Cut to size

Storage and Wardrobes – 24″D x 78″H Choose 24″W, 30″W, or 36″W.

Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet
(1) Fixed shelf (36″ from bottom),
(4) Adjustable shelves
24″W: SCS-24
30″W: SCS-30
36″W: SCS-36

Wardrobe Cabinet

Wardrobe Cabinet
(1) Fixed shelf (12″ from top),
(1) Adjustable wardrobe rod,
(2) Adjustable shelves
24″W: SCW-24
30″W: SCW-30
36″W: SCW-36



  • S* – Sink & Faucet 15″ x 15″ (12″ x 10″ x 5″ I.D)
  • A45* – Single Drawer or Door Lock
  • A46* – Lock & Bolt for double doors.

*Factory Installed


Pro-Line Colors

How to Buy

As a manufacturer, Hausmann only sells to Medical Dealers.
Please contact us to find a local dealer.

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