Treatment Table with Pull-Out Footstool

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Weight Capacity: 400 lb (181kg)

72″ (183cm)
27″ (69cm)
  • 06* – Backrest, adj., 350 lb weight cap
  • 27 – Paper Dispenser & Cutter Combo
  • 69* – Gas Spring Backrest
  • 99L* – Left Hand Table Model

*Factory Installed

Color accuracy may vary according to yout monitor’s color settings. Color samples may be obtained from Customer Service.

Additional information

Laminate Color

Natural Oak 346

Vinyl Color

American Beauty 726 (Pro-FORM™), Black 725 (Pro-FORM™), Claret 728 (Pro-FORM™), Deep Wine 724 (Pro-FORM™), Dove Gray 722 (Pro-FORM™), Forest Green 723 (Pro-FORM™), Navy 718 (Pro-FORM™), Regimental Blue 731 (Pro-FORM™), Royal Blue 729 (Pro-FORM™), Slate Blue 706 (ComfortPLUS™), Gray 709 (ComfortPLUS™), Grotto Green 711 (ComfortPLUS™), Burgundy 700 (ComfortPLUS™), Oak Brown 701 (ComfortPLUS™), Nordic Blue 704 (ComfortPLUS™), Black 707 (ComfortPLUS™), Rodeo Tan 702 (ComfortPLUS™)

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As a manufacturer, Hausmann only sells to Medical Dealers.
Please call contact us to find a local dealer.

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